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Cutting Sticks

Stick Materials:

Millennium Blue: Polypropylene manufactured to strict size tolerances, from prime virgin material compounds. Can be used with all grades of knives and is the most popular for general use.

Red (Wavy): Polypropylene used on Polar cutters with all grades of knives.

White Nylon: Cast Hard Nylon is very dense and most commonly used in the Muller Martini and Kolbus three knife trimmers.

Herculite: Extremely durable material made exclusively for three-knife trimmers including Kolbus, Muller Martini, Wohlenberg, and Lawson.

Grey (Ultrakut): Heavy-Duty Polypropylene sticks are intended for use in high cutting applications.

Premium White: The most resilient, self-healing material. Elasticity allows stick to recover its shape and size quickly from knife cuts. Recommended for all cutting operations, particularly those running extended hours.

Standard White: It is resilient, self-healing, and non-abrasive characteristics will not compromise blade life. Recommended for use with every grade of steel knife.